Are you ready for a steam & sauna enclosure?

Get ready to upgrade your shower experience!

When seeking to make your Northern NJ home into a more peaceful space, a steam and sauna enclosure can take you to another place.  Warm moisture helps open pores, get blood flowing and removes stress. In the past, you may have only found this while on vacation. Now you can have this luxury experience right in your own home.

From prefab kits to custom glass enclosures, House of glass can install any type of shower to give you a spa-like experience. When you are ready to upgrade your bathroom, give us a call at 973-674-4228.

How does a steam shower or home sauna work?

The concept is rather simple. A small steam generator heats up about one gallon of water to boiling. Digital controls inside the shower allow you to control the release and temperature of the steam.

It only takes a minute or so for the steam to enter the enclosure so you can begin enjoying the home sauna effects right away.

Choosing between prefab and custom home sauna options

You may be enticed to buy a steam shower that is ready to assemble from a big box retailer. This may be a good option for some and we can help with installation of the glass so that no moisture escapes into your bathroom.

However, for most people, a custom glass steam shower is the best solution for unique look and to exactly fit the space you have in your bathroom. House of Glass can work with homeowners and contractors to properly measure, cut and install a steam shower enclosure to your specifications.

Features of residential sauna and steam showers

The point of adding a steam shower in your New Jersey home is to enjoy a spa-like experience without going on vacation.

A modern steam enclosure can be equipped with lots of luxurious features to amplify your time.

Bench – you will likely sit down for about 20 minutes so pick something you like.

Music – pump in your favorite tunes from your iPod.

Lighting – why not get in the mood for some real relaxation with color.

Scenting – aroma therapy does not get any better!

Various showerheads – hey, it’s still a shower.

Custom steam showers for commercial projects

If your interest in a steam shower is for commercial use, you came to the right place. House of Glass has some of the most experienced craftsman in the business, some who learned the skill of working with glass from their fathers.

Our Essex County, NJ shop houses state-of-the-art equipment where we can size, edge and polish glass to perfection.

We are experts at installing thick tempered glass products and know how to do it right.

We also provide maintenance and repair services.

North Jersey steam and glass shower enclosure experts ready to help

The market for luxury bathrooms is changing from whirlpool tubs to more usable luxury of a steam shower or sauna enclosure. Heavy steam and moisture will require 100% accuracy in installation from experienced glass experts to avoid a host of issues. When you are ready to heat things up, give us a call at 973-674-4228.

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