Custom Glass Shower Enclosures in Newark NJ

Make The Vision Of Your New All-Glass Shower A Reality

If you are looking for a truly custom glass shower enclosure for your new Newark bathroom, you have come to the right place. House of Glass has been installing glass enclosures like these for decades. Some of our staff are second generation craftsman. And, we have a fully capable shop to manufacture the exact measurements you need.

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Custom Glass Shower Enclosures in Newark NJ

Explore some ideas for your new glass shower enclosure

There are many different ways to make your glass shower enclosure unique. For starters, you can choose the direction you want the door to open, either left or right. You can also choose to have side mount hinges or top and bottom pivot hinges.

Another way to set your shower apart is to add a single glass panel or double glass panels on either side of the door. These could be notched if you have an elevated area such as for an adjacent bath tub.

Bathrooms with limited space may be candidates for a neo-angle shower where there are various facets, hinges, connectors and cutouts. If space is not an option, a 90-degree shower enclosure may provide a bigger area for a walk-in shower.

Transom windows above the glass doors can help make use of high ceilings and add an extra dimension you won’t see everywhere. Use of textured glass can offer some privacy while also allowing light in.

Ceilings that are angled may call for glass cut at a similar angle that continues upward for a dramatic effect.

Decorate your glass shower enclosure with the stylish hardware

While selecting the style of glass is an important first step, choosing matching hardware can offer a whole different look. Popular colors today are chrome and brushed nickel. But there are a variety of different hinges and fasteners that can be used to make your new enclosure pop.

Accent pieces may include door pulls or towel bars. Sliding doors may have a u-channel or special designed rollers that open smoothly.

Are there standard sizes of frameless shower glass panels?

A typical tempered glass panel will be 96” high and 72” wide. The standard door opening will be between 22” – 36” wide. Of course, your installer can cut these pieces to fit the size needed for your shower.

What are the thickness options for glass shower enclosures?

The tempered glass used in a frameless shower enclosure is much thicker than a framed shower. The heavier gauged glass offers more stability, keeps the glass from warping and is less likely to break.

Depending on the size or installation of the glass, shower enclosures typically uses ⅜” or ½” thickness. These panels will be heavy and more expensive but durable and long lasting.

Will a frameless shower door leak?

This is where choosing the right installer for your frameless enclosure will make a big difference. When connecting together two pieces of glass, it is imperative that the panels are cut to precision and properly leveled and installed or you may get leaks.

Over time, caulking and rubber seals can break down so a reliable installer can come back and complete these maintenance tasks before a bigger issue occurs.

Will I need a door for my walk-in shower?

In some larger homes, a walk-in shower without a door is acceptable because the enclosure is so big the spray from the shower won’t likely make it outside. This should be considered when first designing the bathroom. For most bathrooms, a shower door will be needed to avoid water issues.

Get help from NJ’s glass experts

House of Glass are experts at fabricating, repairing and installing glass shower enclosures in homes and businesses. We have worked with glass for decades and have a fully functional facility to customize glass panels for your project. When you need professional glass installation, call House of Glass in Newark, NJ today at 973-674-4228.