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Living in the New York Metro area we can’t help avoid the sounds of the city. Cars, trucks, buses and horns are part of life in the big city and beyond but it doesn’t have to be that way inside your home or office.

There are a variety of options to reduce the noise that comes inside with soundproof windows. House of Glass has been installing windows in homes and businesses for more than forty years and we can recommend a solution for your property that helps reduce noise the most.

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How Do Soundproof Windows Work?

The concept of soundproof windows is rather simple. Add additional layers between the source of the noise and the listening area and you can reduce the sound. With windows this typically means adding a multi-pane window with air between the panes to deaden the noise. This may include thicker glass, and insulation for added performance.

Soundproof windows have been measured to reduce sound by as much as 90% in some installations. Based on your needs, we may install double or even triple pane windows to help relieve the burden of sounds traveling into your home or commercial property.

Many of the buildings found in Newark, Essex County and beyond have very old windows that do little to insulate the interior space from sound. In fact, many of them are loose and rattle causing extra noise.

Newer windows and custom glass solutions can cause a significant improvement in how much sound travels inside.

How Can I Make Windows More Soundproof?

In most cases you will need to replace the windows or the glass to help reduce sound. A few other steps you can take might be:

  • Hang thicker sound absorbing curtains and blinds
  • Add insulation around the windows.
  • Add a plastic cover over the window
  • Place sound absorbing panels in the room
  • Plan trees to absorb sound on the exterior

Every step you take to make the exterior and interior space more sound-absorbent will help reduce the noise you hear inside. However, the single most important thing you can do is to install soundproof glass to cut sound travel direct from the source.

Are There Other Benefits to Soundproofing Windows

In addition to cutting down the noise, sound reducing windows offer some other benefits. By adding thicker, insulated windows you can increase energy efficiency of your property. Less heat and cool air will transfer to the exterior saving you lots of money on utility expenses.

This can be especially important for commercial properties which require an enormous amount of energy for HVAC services.

Installation of soundproof windows may also limit the entry of ultraviolet light which can cause wear and tear on furnishings by discoloring them and making cloth more brittle.

When it is time to sell you home, storefront or office, the value of the property will be substantially increased and may be easier to sell with lower HVAC costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Soundproof Windows?

There are a number of factors that impact the cost to install soundproof windows.

  • Amount of windows
  • Size of the window
  • Type or style of windows and frames
  • Location of the windows

Obviously large, expansive windows will cost much more than a small or standard size. Some windows may just require a replacement glass while others will need a whole new window. Glass on a second story or higher may be more complicated to install than something on the first floor.

Get Soundproof Glass Installed by the Experts at House of Glass

When it comes to replacing glass windows in northern, NJ and throughout the NY Metro area, you will be challenged to find anyone who does it better, cheaper or faster than House of Glass. Installing soundproof glass requires special skills we have mastered over decades. Even the best windows installed incorrectly will not provide the desired outcome.

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