Tempered Glass Installation and Repair Service for Newark and Beyond

For the past 30 years, House of Glass has installed and repaired commercial windows all over Newark and throughout Essex County, NJ. One of our specialties is installing and maintaining heavy tempered glass windows, and aluminum store fronts. When you need an expert to properly install heavy duty tempered glass, call us at 973-674-4228.

Broken Tempered Glass Door
Here is an example of a broken tempered glass door at Home Goods. With a House of Glass maintenance contract we got this fixed the same day.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a strengthened type of safety glass that makes it much tougher to break than normal (annealed) glass products. The process used to create tempered glass puts it under compression so when a force strong enough to actually break the glass happens it causes it to crumble into small granular-sized pieces instead of sharp shards, so it is less likely to cause injury.

Common Installation of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is used all over commercial buildings from office wall dividers to insulated glass panels for insulation. In addition to the obvious safety advantages, tempered glass is much stronger than other glass products so it is perfect for heavy traffic areas such as doorways, large windows, stairways and sliding doors.

In residential properties you can find tempered glass in sliding or folding shower doors, shelving or heavy glass table tops.

Here are some of the most common applications for tempered glass:

Typical mishaps requiring glass repair

While heavy duty tempered glass can withstand a lot of daily traffic, it can often become damaged from improper installation, neglect or accident.

A few common issues that can cause tempered glass to break include:

  • Hand trucks and carts pushed into glass
  • Delivery trucks backing into glass
  • Blunt force from carrying a large object
  • Improper installation or wrong thickness
  • Nicks or chips such as from lawn mower projectile

In addition to broken glass pieces, other incidents may require attention as well such as misaligned rollers, lock issues, broken seals, inoperable panic bar, broken emergency exit doors, and non-operating door closers.

Businesses and homeowners should inspect these items on a periodic basis and have them fixed right away before further damage is caused. Having a proper maintenance plan from an experienced storefront door glass installer will keep the moving parts rolling right for years.

House of Glass is here to help

We’ve installed, repaired and serviced hundreds of heavy tempered glass products. Our expertise includes dozens of large retailers, office buildings, school districts and residential customers. From repairing a small window to a full installation of storefront glass, we do it all. Call us now at 973-674-4228 and let us know how we can assist.