Glass Display Case Installations in Newark and East Orange, NJ

 Having a glass display case installed in Newark and the surrounding community is common for many businesses these days. Retail displays are a great way to show off valuable items, present products in a specific way without movement, or draw attention to complementary accessories. As a business owner, you want to be certain that your glass display cabinets are put together safely and securely to protect your products and your customers.

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Types of Glass Displays for Newark Businesses

The only limits on glass display case styles are your imagination. There are endless possible configurations of pre-packaged display units, and a good glass and mirror shop in Newark can even manufacture custom glass pieces to make your business truly unique.

Here are a few top styles businesses opt for with glass counters and cabinets:

  • Slatwall – a type of shelving system where custom glass plates are inserted into slats for items to be placed on.
  • Full Vision – this is typically a larger cabinet where many items can be placed on display from one side and locked.
  • Standoff Systems – thick or tempered glass pieces connected by metal fasteners.
  • Wall-mounted – large display cases with glass doors fastened to a wall.

Common Uses of High-quality Glass Displays We See throughout Newark

When customers come into your shop to view products they often first want to browse for a few minutes to make sure they are in the right place. Use of high-quality glass display counters can present your goods quickly drawing attention to your best-selling items.  Your customers will know you are there to help when they are ready.

Here is a short list of typical applications:

Jewelry – valuable pieces can be kept secure yet fully visible for customers to browse what is new.

Trophies / Collectables – dirty or clumsy hands can ruin the value of antique, collectables or sports memorabilia.

Retail – most major shopping stores have massive displays where you can look at products before a sales rep steps in to help close the deal.

Grocery & Food – prepared food stations are a common use of glass display cases.

Sun Glasses / Eyewear – glasses can be expensive and a well-installed retail display can make it easy to view dozens of products before closer examination.

Presenting delicate or valuable items

From dirty fingers to the temptation of walking off without paying, many businesses have good reason to opt for glass sales counters and showcases. Valuable and delicate products such as jewelry and eyewear are best presented to a client in the presence of a seasoned sales person after first being viewed behind the counter.

Sales display for businesses

Sometimes the way something is presented is all it takes to get the most sales. You spend hours placing your goods in their best light and don’t want someone to quickly change your presentation. Placing complementary items together can also lead to bulk sales or future sales.

House of Glass Installs Glass Throughout NJ

With a presence in both Newark and East Orange we are prepared to install glass cabinet, shelves and cases anywhere in North New Jersey and throughout the New York metropolitan area. We have been around for more than three decades and have completed hundreds of custom, pre-packaged and commercial glass installations. Some of our staff have learned the craft from their fathers.

When you are ready to call a professional for help installing your glass displays, contact House of Glass at 973-674-4228 to get more information.

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