Enhance the look of your NJ Business with a Glass Railing System

If now is the time to upgrade the look and function of your property, a glass railing system can add value and appeal to last for years. Glass railing are see-through barriers that provide some safety yet enable views from top to bottom.  Homeowners and businesses are finding creative ways to install this element for a modern upgrade, and House of Glass has the skill and experience to deliver your desired results.  Call us today for a consultation at 973-674-4228.

What is a Glass Railing System?

A glass railing system is a way to create a protective barrier while allowing continuous views to the space beyond. Gone are the days where you were limited to painted wall surfaces that create closure. Modern design elements should always consider how to effectively open up an existing space and a glass railing system is a cost- effective way to achieve that.  Whether you choose to create a custom rail system or out-of-the-box solution, either will require fastening rails to the existing structure and attaching glass panels.

Benefits of Glass Rails

Visibility – allows you to view past the barrier

Style – many styles, looks and finishes allow you to create your own look

Noise Reduction – thick tempered glass will help muffle sound from beyond the rail.

Lower Maintenance – no need for regular paint or stain applications

Common Installation of Glass Railing Systems

In nearly every modern commercial building you can find some type of glass railing system. While certainly not new, the customization and installation of glass panel railings have made them much more common and cost-efficient alternative to other materials.

Properties with lots of foot traffic can create order by allowing visitors to see their destination and the most direct route. Heavy glass reduces noise to interior spaces.

If your property has a view, glass railings can help you bring the outdoors in by removing the physical barrier blocking that view.

Here are some of the most common applications for glass railings:

  • Architectural Railing Systems
  • Office Lobbies and Lounge Areas
  • Schools
  • Dining Areas
  • Multi-Unit Residences
  • Retail Balconies
  • Crowd Control in Public Buildings

Exterior Glass Rails

Another way you may want to install a commercial grade glass railing system is on the exterior of your building or business. Today’s modern glass railing systems are perfect for a protective barrier on hotel or apartment balconies. You can create a contemporary look from the outside, expand views from the inside and provide safety.

Glass railing and panels are perfect along sidewalks, exterior restaurant patios, or around swimming pools.

Residential Applications for Glass Railings

Architects and homeowners are both finding ways to enhance the look and functionality of house spaces with residential glass railings.

Heavy duty glass partitions and railings allow you to see through a space and still provide a protective barrier. By eliminating common sheetrock wall and replacing them with glass railings, the visual size of the space opens up without needing an addition.

Glass railings are perfect for stair enclosures or sunken family rooms that are currently obstruct views with beams and other wall products. Now you can create a clear view into another room giving a well sought-after open concept without major renovations.

Here are some of the ways glass railings are being added to homes:

  • Deck and balcony
  • Stairwell enclosures
  • Staircase railings
  • Framed railings
  • Frameless railings

House of Glass is here to help

We can help with every step of the process from cultivating your ideas to simply installing a pre-made glass railing system. Should you need a custom glass product, our fully-equipped shop right here in Essex County, NJ has everything we need to craft the finest pieces for your living space. Give House of Glass a call today at 973-674-4228 to discuss your project.

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