Essex County Sliding Glass Window Installation and Replacement

Oversee the flow of customers to your Northern NJ business with pass through sliding panels. Our reception windows allow you to open and close the area between office and waiting area controlling sound, germs and paperwork. The customizable finishes from glass type to frames enable an ideal solution for healthcare offices, a ticket booth, or commercial businesses.

Since the 1980s, House of Glass has been serving Essex County and New York Metropolitan area business with maintenance and installation of all types of glass products. Contact us now at 973-674-4228.

Types of Sliding Glass Windows

House of Glass can install, replace or repair all types of office window sliders to meet your needs. From simple reception areas to service area pass throughs.

Frameless pass through – this nearly all-glass solution is stylish and efficient. It uses thick or tempered glass for safety and durability.

Single panel transaction window – a smaller station where transactions are typically handled one on one.

Ticket window – ticket please! Walk up service window in a variety of styles.

Bi-parting pass through – slides open to the sides with top rollers. Perfect for drive through foodservice.

Swing door – glass door that swings open in one direction allowing you to pass packages and goods through.

Horizontal – opens and closes from top to bottom.

Benefits of Reception Windows for Newark Businesses

When you are designing an office space or commercial building, the use of glass reception windows can help you in a variety of ways.

Energy efficiency – if customers are continuously opening and closing the door to your business, heating and cooling costs can skyrocket. Separating that space with a slider can create an energy efficient barrier.

Space saving – windows and doors that open in required much more room.

Ease of use – staff members can remain seated to pull a window for service.

Control sound – the heavy tempered glass window heavy tempered glass will help keep sounds from a waiting area out of your offices.

Clean rooms – healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses can contain entrance to facilities keeping germs at bay.

Troubleshooting (things that could go wrong)

These types of windows are generally care-free. Regular cleaning of the glass is recommended. Also, regular inspection of the track and wheels to make sure it is clear of debris will help in last for a long time.

If a window was not installed properly you may experience condensation build up. It can also happen if a seal fails after a period of time. This may require and adjustment or replacement. Occasionally the glass may get chipped or a frame can be dented with heavy or improper use.

Sliders for homeowners

In addition to commercial window applications, glass sliders can work well for residential properties too. There are a variety of vinyl casement windows that are perfect for bathrooms or kitchens. Homeowners can experience a different style and enjoy the ease of use for access to the outdoors. This can include sliding patio doors, perfect for entry to an outdoor deck or patio.

House of Glass Installs Windows Throughout NJ

For many decades, House of Glass has been installing and maintaining windows for homes and businesses all around the New York Metropolitan area. We can help you with a simple installation of a pre-purchased product or fully customized replacement windows.

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