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Repair and install skylights in Newark homes and businesses

Living and working in the NY metro area, natural light can come at a premium. Completing a skylight installation in Newark homes or businesses will allow more natural sunlight than standard windows. It can add a unique focus that raises property values and enhances worker performance.

Since the early 1980s, House of Glass has been installing glass windows of all types including standard and custom skylights. Contact us today at 973-674-4228 for a Newark skylight repair, replacement or installation for your house or commercial property.

Why Install a Skylight

The most common reason for a skylight installation is to add more light to your space. Sometimes the interior of a home, office or retail building may be far away from the exterior windows, so natural light is at a minimum.

Increase natural light – often, windows in commercial buildings are partially blocked by offices and conference rooms limiting light to the main work area.

Health and productivity – when these obstacles cannot be removed, installation of a skylight can increase natural light known to improve worker productivity and well-being.

Open floorplan concept – in a residential home, light from above can open up the space and make interior rooms more inviting.

Less energy from electric lights – use of natural light in a room can allow you to rely less on artificial lighting sources.

Our Process for Skylight Replacement and Repair

If you have an existing skylight(s) that needs repair, we will come right out to take a look at it. Our process starts with an inspection to determine the cause of any leak or issue. We will give you a free estimate for any work that needs to be done.

If possible, we may be able to make a repair on the spot. However, if the damage is significant, or replacement is needed, we may need to order parts or create a new custom glass to fit your needs. Fortunately, we specialize in custom replacement glass and have a fully equipped shop to handle most custom windows.

Some of the things that could go wrong with a skylight include:

  • Original window is leaking
  • Old window is unsightly or damaged
  • Excess noise coming through the window
  • Wrong size for space

If you have a skylight where rainwater is leaking into your office or building, call us right away. House of Glass offers 24/7 emergency service and can make a repair or temporarily stop the damage until a permanent solution is made.

Replacement Options

After taking a look at your existing windows we will discuss all available replacement options with you. Our project manager will advise you if better more secure options are available, discuss pricing, and timeframe to have new glass installed.

Commercial Skylight Installations and Repair

Skylights are a key architectural element to commercial buildings both old and new. Many skylights require regular maintenance and can be subject to damage from snow, wind, or debris.

House of Glass can quickly repair and replace broken windowpanes, seal leaks or replace an entire window system. We are a leading glass repair shop in the New York City metro area and have maintenance contracts with dozens of commercial properties.

When your windows require custom glass to be cut, many other repair shops will come to us to have that done.

We are capable of handling any size project from a small repair to installation of multiple commercial skylight structures.

House of Glass Is Ready to Install skylights in Newark properties

We have been around for a long time and have installed a full array of glass products on commercial buildings from full store fronts to interior glass sliders. Our expertise includes residential homes too. When it comes to installing or repairing a glass skylight, you definitely want a glass expert who knows what they are doing.

Contact House of Glass any time at 973-674-4228 to discuss changes needed to your skylights and windows.

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House of Glass provides you with Fast and Efficient service. Your storefront or commercial project can usually be done in a few days. Our capabilities include manufacturing custom doors and windows to meet your needs.


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