When should you consider sliding glass door replacement?

There are several tell tale signs you need a patio glass door replacement including:

  • Cracked glass
  • Moisture between double pane glass
  • Fogging occurs on the inside of the glass
  • Draft is apparent anywhere around the glass or door

For cosmetic reasons you may also want to replace the glass if there are significant scratches visible.


Other problems can occur with the door itself leading to significant energy loss, safety issues or infestation.

  • When a door becomes difficult to shut, it may be a sign of a worn part that can be easily replaced before further damage happens.


  • Doors that slide off the tracks can be a signal of a damaged wheel or the track itself. Sometimes it just may need a cleaning and a little grease.


  • Visible gaps between the door and frame should be addressed immediately before the door or window become ruined.

Can just the glass be replaced?

Usually yes. But we can give you an evaluation based on the condition and age of the door if it would be better to replace the glass or the entire door. Depending on the age, conditions and style changes, it may be cheaper to just replace the entire door. We can give you an accurate estimate of both options to help with any decisions.

Types of door glass replacement panels

Today there are numerous options for patio door glass panels to be considered.

  • Double or triple pane
  • Impact resistant
  • Built-in shades
  • Built-in blinds
  • Decorative moldings


Installation of new sliding glass doors

When a sliding glass door has been damaged beyond repair, installation of a new door is probably the best option.

You may also choose between a standard two-panel, multi-panel and 90-degree angle door opening.

Once you have selected a replacement product, we can usually install the new door within a few hours.

Signs You Need Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Sometimes accidents happen and the signs you need sliding glass door replacement is obvious. Such as there is a huge crack in the glass. Other times the signs are not clear that the door or glass is damaged and you might neglect repair until it becomes a real problem.

Whether you are certain a repair is needed or want an honest opinion if a door needs repair, call the glass experts at House of Glass at 973-674-4228 for a free consultation.

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