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In addition to commercial windows House of Glass provides complete residential service as well. When you need to replace a broken window pane because of an accident or age, we can handle the repair quickly and expertly.

House of Glass has been replacing broken window panes in resident’s homes throughout Newark and Northern New Jersey for nearly four decades. Call us today at 973-674-4228.

Typical reasons for house window glass replacement

It happens, windows break.

  • Sometimes a lawn mower kicks up a stone in just the right spot.
  • Perhaps kids were playing ball that got out of control.
  • Even a bird can hit your window and have a bad day.
  • Often homeowners are moving furniture around on the inside of a house and bang into an unsuspecting window.
  • Fog or moisture builds up inside double pane glass.
  • Rotting wood frame.
  • Broken or damaged seals causing a draft.

Whatever the reason, know that it happens to almost everyone at some time and repairs are usually fairly simple.

Onsite residential glass replacement

Some repairs are best done right at your home. If you have a large picture window and one pane is broken, we can replace that. It may be difficult to remove the whole window. In this case, we can come out, take measurements, order an appropriate replacement glass and complete the install.

Other windows are simple to remove and you can bring them into our shop to repair. Many times, we can replace the glass quickly or contact you when the repair is done and you can be on your way.

Types of windows

There are different types of windows that may require repair.

  • Older windows are easy to repair by removing glazing, removing the broken glass (this is where you need to be careful) cutting the glass to the proper size and re-glazing the glass to the casing.
  • Newer windows may be secured by molding nailed into place or vinyl that must be carefully removed to avoid breaking.

Some windows are double pane (or triple) and have a gas layer between panes. These would typically be replaced as a unit.

FAQs for home window glass replacement

Can I just replace the glass in my windows?

This will depend on the type and age of the window. In most cases we can simply replace the glass but sometimes it may be more cost effective to replace the entire window. We can provide you with information to make an informed decision.

Can you replace double pane window glass?

Yes. A double pane window is two pieces of tempered glass sealed with air or gas between them for insulation. We can replace the glass as a unit instead of the entire window.

Can you fix foggy double pane windows?

Usually this happens when the seal between the panes fails over time. The window can be repaired by replacing the double plane glass unit.

Emergency window replacement

If you have broken window that needs repair right away, House of Glass provides emergency service to get it fixed right away. We can complete a board up service if needed to avoid safety issues, weather and unwanted entry.

Need window glass replacement in Newark New Jersey?

House of Glass has repaired broken glass window panes in hundreds of homes throughout Northern NJ. For decades we have helped homeowners with repairs and new window installations that last for many years. Call us today at 973-674-4228 to schedule a consultation.

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House of Glass provides you with Fast and Efficient service. Your storefront or commercial project can usually be done in a few days. Our capabilities include manufacturing custom doors and windows to meet your needs.


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