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Insulated glass offers a unique property of keeping heat inside during the winter months and staying cold in the summertime when the temperature rises.

Windows and doors constructed with insulated glass are made to limit heat and cold transfer by using multiple pieces of glass separated by spacers. Then filling the space with air or gas.

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What is Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is a multi-layer system of glass that is sealed in a frame creating a solid barrier between the inside and outside elements to limit heat and cold transfer as well as reducing sound.

What are Insulating Glass Units?

Insulating Glass Units, or IGUs are the assembled product of multiple glass layers, spacers and gas or air along with the frame that holds them all together.

The gas is usually Argon or Krypton which is colorless, odorless and not toxic. Some less expensive windows are filled with air.

The glass is usually double pane and more recently triple pane which offers an even stronger barrier.

Does Insulated Glass Save Money?

Insulated glass units help keep heat in during winter and cold in during the summer.

Over time, installation of insulated glass can lead to significant savings from energy lost to inefficient single pane systems.

Another benefit is that it causes less ware on your HVAC system. Adding just a few years to expensive heating and air conditioning systems can add up to significant savings.

When it is time to sell your property, insulated glass can increase resale value.

Low e Glass

Low e (or low emissivity) Glass is a film that helps regulate UV glare entering through the window. This extra coating is usually made of a thin layer of metallic oxide that lessens heat passing through the glass. In some cases, the film cuts the amount of UV light as well.

U Factor

Different windows can do a better job at keeping heat out or cold out based on their U factor.

U factor is a measurement of how well glass windows insulate from heat or cold based on BTU ratings typically between .25 and 1.25. The lower the rating, the better insulation the glass provides.

Is Insulated Glass the Same as Tempered?

Insulated glass helps to limit the loss of heat or cold from inside the property while tempered glass is a safety feature that helps limit sharp piece if a glass is broken.

Can insulated glass be repaired?

Typically, when the seal around the glass panes fails the glass panel you will notice signs of damage such as a fogging or mold growth on the inside.

This is a sign that the glass will need to be replaced.

Usually the case with better quality windows and doors, the insulated glass panel can be removed by a professional and replaced. The window or door frame can be reassembled allowing many more years of use.

Can insulated glass be installed on commercial buildings?

Yes, insulated glass panels are ideal for all types of commercial buildings. Based on location, sun exposure and the amounts of windows, savings potential can be significant.

Commercial office buildings, schools, hotels and retail space can require a greater effort to regulate the internal temperature. By maintaining a more constant temperature with multi-layer glass, HVAC costs can be kept to a minimum.

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