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There are many reasons to consider a glass partition wall for both commercial and residential use. With more than 30 years of experience installing and repairing glass partitions, House of Glass is the place to consult before beginning your next project. Give us a call at 973-674-4228 to discuss your requirements and get a fast, free quote.

Why Have Glass Partitions

Indoor glass partitions serve many purposes from allowing more light into a room to, opening up a space for more visibility, and even just for a modern style. We get requests to install glass room dividers in offices, car dealerships, schools, shopping malls, municipal buildings and much more.

Many commercial buildings are replacing traditional sheetrock walls with a more versatile glass wall dividers because they are easier to maintain and more versatile.

Here are a few top reasons businesses opt for a glass product:

Natural Lighting – In addition to being able to reduce the amount of expensive electric lighting that is used in a commercial space, natural lighting offers a better sense of well-being and can help improve productivity in staff.

Modern Look – More and more developers are choosing interior glass partition systems to keep their buildings up to date. This can be important when trying to attract top talent.

Sound Proofing – Heavy glass panels offer better sound proofing than standard wall board giving more privacy to management and for team meetings.

Low Maintenance – No painting required! Glass wall dividers can be cleaned in minutes and look as good as the day they were installed. Without all the scuffs, dings and marks, you won’t need a painting crew to cover up a mess.

Visibility – Sports venues, auto shops, and hospitals are just a few places you may have seen glass partitions that allow “customers” to watch the action while keeping them separate from the professionals.

Common Glass Room Divider Installations

There are endless possibilities for you to consider installing a glass room divider. You may want to block access to an area but still allow visibility to that space. Management may want to be able to look out over their staff without having to make rounds. If conference rooms are empty, you can see that immediately. Shop owners can also see when customers arrive. Customers can also watch business owners perform work.

Here is a short list of typical applications:

  • Glass partitioning
  • Glass partition wall
  • Office glass partition
  • Office glass wall
  • Sliding glass wall
  • Glass divider for rooms
  • Glass dividers for home or office
  • Frameless glass wall
  • Conference room glass partition
  • Glass office wall
  • Movable glass wall
  • Glass office cubicle
  • Office glass partitioning
  • Glass wall room divider
  • Interior glass wall

Glass partition walls for homes

Today, businesses are not the only ones installing glass partitions. Homeowners are finding many unique ways to install glass products beyond modern shower doors and mirrors.

Insulated glass can be a great way to open up a home for better exterior views. Older homes often have smaller cramped spaces and glass dividers are a great way to open up that space without dramatically changing the structure. Home offices are all the rage now with more and more companies allowing employees to work from home. A glass partition wall for an office is a great way to segment a portion of a home for work hours.

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We are experts at installing all kinds of glass products including glass partition walls. When you make an initial investment, it should begin paying dividends immediately and deliver as promised for a very long time. Choosing House of Glass for your installation, you will work with a firm in business for more than 30 years.

We’ve been trusted by municipalities, schools, developers, shop owners and homeowners throughout Newark and the New York Metropolitan area to install and maintain hundreds of glass wall dividers over the years. Call us today at 973-674-4228 to get more information.

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