Installation of Neo-angle glass shower enclosure

Today there are all kinds of glass shower enclosures you can use to make your bathroom look great and be functional. A neo-angle glass shower can help you make optimal use of the space you have and add a pop of style that will give your bathroom a contemporary feel.

House of glass are experts in glass shower enclosure installations and can guide you through every step of the process. We can help with kit installations or a complete custom glass shower. Call us today at 973-674-4228 to discuss your ideas.

What is a Neo-angle shower enclosure?

A neo-angle shower is typically made up of 2 pieces of tempered glass that are attached to a corner of your bathroom with a door that connects the panels. Often it forms one half of a hexagon shape.

There are many benefits to a neo-angle shower enclosure such as allowing a home owner to make the most of their space particularly in a smaller bathroom. You can use the form of glass shower to show off other details in the room from fancy hardware to tile design. Some other features include:

  • Saves space
  • Fairly simple to install
  • See-through glass can show off tile work or other features
  • Give bathroom a bigger, more open feel
  • Lots of hardware and design options
  • Frameless glass door can open on either side

Customizing a neo-angle glass shower

Weather you bought a neo-angle glass shower kit or have your own ideas in mind, House of Glass can help you customize the project. This may include the number and size of glass panels used. The space you have may not be right for standard installation. We can cut and shape various configurations for a perfect fit.

Different style of hardware from metal connectors to door handles can create a whole new look.

Having a professional who has worked with glass products for decades can help make sure your custom neo-angle glass shower is installed properly and will give you satisfaction for many years.

A few ideas how you can customize your glass shower enclosure include:

  • Type of base (tile, plastic)
  • Door handles
  • Door latches
  • Glass connectors
  • Towel bars
  • Frameless or semi-frameless
  • Door openings
  • Type of glass

How do you install a neo-angle shower kit?

Installation of a neo-angle shower kit is fairly straight forward. While it is certainly possible for homeowners to DIY a shower kit, in many cases it is best to have a professional complete the installation. This is an investment in your home that you want to last for many years and improper installation can lead to costly damage.

It is very important that before purchasing a neo-angle shower that you take exact measurements. Being “off” just a fraction can cause problems with the installation.

Often, a home’s walls and floor will not be perfectly level. You must make adjustments to ensure the shower itself will be level so the door opens and closes with precision. Otherwise you may risk damage or leaks.

Attaching connectors, door handles, towel bars and other hardware is not difficult. An experienced technician will be sure not to overtighten that could crack the glass or allow lose fit where a piece may fall off. There are not a lot of connectors on a frameless glass shower enclosure so they must be attached correctly.

Will a neo-angle corner shower fit the space in my Newark NJ home?

By nature of their design, a neo-angle shower enclosure is intended for small spaces. Of course, you can make this type of shower as big as you want. Many homes in Newark and throughout Essex County, NJ don’t have huge bathrooms so a neo-angle shower is a good option. The key is to measure correctly before purchasing your glass and being prepared to customize if needed.

Will it take a long time to install a neo-angle shower?

Typically, it will only take a few hours to install this type of shower enclosure assuming the measurements were done properly and no further customization is necessary. House of glass installs these types of showers on a regular basis and can get in and out of your home quickly.

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