Frameless Glass Shower Doors In Newark

If you are dreaming of a new frameless glass shower door for your Newark New Jersey home, House of Glass can help you make it become a reality. Whether you need some help installing a glass shower that you purchased, or want to know what is possible for the space you have, you have found the area’s top experts in all types of glass products with decades of experience.

Contact House of Glass today and let’s discuss some ideas that will transform your space into a modern shower enclosure that you can’t wait to get into. Reach us now at 973-674-4228.

We can install or customize your own frameless glass shower

You may have already purchased some glass panels or doors to use for your shower and need some help with the installation. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Our expert technicians can unpackage and assemble your new shower space with precision so there are no leaks and it looks perfect.

Our firm also has a fully equipped shop where we can custom manufacture pieces to fit your exact specifications. We can come to your site to discuss the project, take measurements, give you a price quote, and help you realize your vision. A frameless shower is an investment in your home that you want to enjoy every day. So, it makes sense to use a professional who will get the job done right.

Optional hardware for frameless shower doors

In addition to choosing the style of panels for your shower door, there are also plenty of options for hardware that will help the glass stand out and look its best. Some of these include:

  • Wall hinges
  • Top glass hinges
  • Handles
  • Door latches
  • Door pulls
  • Sliding kits
  • Towel bar
  • Channel rail

What is a frameless shower?

A frameless shower is an enclosure made of tempered glass usually ⅜ or ½ inches thick that does not require a metal frame to hold it in place. The all glass encasing is a modern and sleek look that gives a bathroom an upscale appearance. A frameless shower enclosure can easily be customized to meet your needs.

How do you keep glass shower doors clean?

The most efficient and cost-effective way to keep your new glass shower doors clean is to use a mixture of vinegar and water in an inexpensive spray bottle. A few squirts every day and wiping it down with a clean towel will keep the glass spotless.

You can also use Windex or equivalent glass cleaner. At the least, wiping the glass after a shower with your towel or squeegee will minimize spots and soap buildup.

How long will it take to install a frameless shower doors?

The actual installation of a frameless glass doors should only take between 2-4 hours. This will vary depending on how many pieces are being installed, type of hardware selected or any onsite customization that may be needed to fit your enclosure.

In some cases, caulking or glue may take 24 hours or longer to cure so using water may have to be placed on hold for a short while.

Before getting started, we will need to take thorough measurements, order products, customize pieces and schedule installation. But we will get that done quickly and do our best to meet your time schedule.

Are frameless shower enclosures as safe as framed doors?

A properly installed frameless glass shower door should be just as safe as a shower with metal frame. We will use a combination of appropriate fasteners based on the size and weight of the glass piece to make certain it is attached properly.

The glass for a frameless shower door is tempered and very sturdy. It can be ⅜ inch to ½ inches thick which can add even more durability depending on the type of enclosure.

Obviously, you should always use caution when getting into or out of a shower and not hang on the glass. But that goes for any type of door. If needed, it is best to install grab bars near the shower door entrance that you can hold onto.

House of Glass will help realize your vision

As you explore options for your bathroom, a frameless glass shower door is modern yet timeless and will elevate your space to a new level. House of Glass has installed hundreds of glass shower doors and has the expertise to complete your project correctly. Give us a call today at 973-674-4228 for a consultation.

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