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Going to your local gym after a long day of work can be time consuming and often your good intentions get sidetracked.

This has made home gyms more popular and one key component for a good workout is a home gym mirror.

A mirror can help you work on your form to make sure you are doing an exercise properly. You also get to see the results of your hard work.

But installation of a large mirror is not always that simple. It requires proper measuring, transportation and securely hanging the glass.

If you are considering a mirror for your home gym, contact House of Glass first at 973-674-4228. We can consult with you on the right size, best quality and installation method for your space.

How Much Do Home Gym Mirrors Cost

There are a variety of products you can use from inexpensive mirrors sold at big box stores to custom tempered glass. As a general guide, you can find the following standard sizes:

Standard Sizes






A quality mirror in these sizes can be found online for about $300-450 each which should include a safety backing, flat polished edges and hanging materials.

For a higher-end product consider having a commercial grade or custom mirror installed for your home gym. Expect these panels to be made of a thicker heavy-gauge tempered glass.

Is a Home Gym Mirror Hard to Install?

It is certainly possible to install a large glass mirror on a wall by yourself. But when safety is a big concern such as if children will be present or during commercial use, you should consider hiring a professional to complete the installation.

Home gym mirrors are usually fastened with a j-bar and special screws. Sometimes adhesive is used for additional support.

The important thing is to install them correctly so they won’t fall and break possibly causing someone to get hurt. A mirror could also be damaged during the installation process, during the transportation, hanging it on a wall that is not level or overtightening a screw.

This could end up costing a lot more than you planned.

One thing home-owners often neglect is to make sure a large mirror can make it through doorways, down staircases and around corners in a home. A glass expert will have the experience to know how much room will be needed.

What Type of Mirror Should I Get?

For some, a home gym mirror may consist of a simple wall mirror found at a local retailer. These come in various shapes and designs such as:

  • Framed
  • Frameless
  • Infinity Edge
  • Beveled Edge
  • Single Beveled Edge
  • Pre-attached Hanger Mounts
  • Shatter Resistant

Some retailers allow you to order online and deliver right to your home which may be an excellent option to limit damage.

While these options may be good for a very light use room, any home gym that gets significant use should use better quality commercial grade glass. These mirrors are thicker, made from tempered glass with safety backing so if an accident does happen, you limit the chance of someone getting hurt.

Lots of jumping, weights banging or an occasion bump could cause a mirror to come crashing down.

That is why it is best to have a professional hang your home gym mirrors. House of Glass can inspect your site, take proper measurements and guide you to choosing the right size glass. We will order it (or custom manufacture if needed) and deliver the mirror(s) to your home. Our experienced team will then safely hang the mirrors in your home gym to your satisfaction.

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You have put a lot of thought and energy into this project and properly installing mirrors for your home gym will bring everything together. That is when it is time to call the professionals at House of Glass to complete the job right. You can be sure we will do it better, faster and cheaper than anyone else.

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